Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information SystemsHomework AssignmentsRespond to this week?s assignment in a single Word document with the file name: Lastname, Week 1, Homework** Week One Assignments **Chapter One1. Compare and contrast typical Accounting Information Systems in a small (under $2 million sales, 10 employees) company versus a large (over $100 million sales, 20,000 employees) company in terms of Information Systems (hardware & software), IT department structure, and internal controls.2. Many business activities do not result in an accounting transaction; i.e., they do not affect the general ledger. Accepting a customer order or signing a contract with FedEx for shipping services are examples. Identify two or three more examples. Why would managers and investors be interested is these activities?Chapter Two1. What do the following acronyms mean? Indicated if each is input equipment, output equipment, CPU component, secondary storage device, or data communications related. a. CD-ROM b. MHz c. POS d. RAM e. MICR f. OCR g. DSL2. Many police cars are being outfitted with license plate reading cameras. Describe how they might function and what their advantages and disadvantages are.Chapter Fourteen1. What does EDI stand for and how is it used in electronic commerce?2. What do each of the following acronyms stand for? Give an example. a. HTTP b. IP Address c. URL d. XBRL e. XMLPlace this order with us and get 18% discount now! to earn your discount enter this code: special18 If you need assistance chat with us now by clicking the live chat button.:

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