Access the annual report on th

Access the annual report on the Internet for your current or former employer organization. If your employer organization is not a publicly traded company, access the annual report for another publicly traded company. The annual reports are usually located in the Investors Relations or Company Information sections of a company?s website. Use the audited financial statements in the annual report instead of the unaudited financial statements that appear on Yahoo, Morningstar and other sites. Post a note in your Individual forum if you need assistance in locating an annual report.The response must include the name of the company, a brief summary of the services and/or products this company provides, the date of the annual report you accessed and the website address for the balance sheet that appears in the annual report. If applicable, identify the parent company and subsidiary companies.Is there a line item for preferred stock under the stockholders? equity section of the consolidated balance sheet (statement of financial position)? If so, please response to the following questions. If so, what is the number of authorized shares, number of issued shares, and number of outstanding shares for preferred stock? What is the par value for the preferred stock? What is the dollar amount of preferred stock reportedIn regards to the common stock reported in the stockholders? equity section. What is the par value per share of common stock? How many shares of common stock are reported as authorized, issued and outstanding? What is the dollar amount of common stock reported on the balance sheet?

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